Vehicle Exterior Protection


Why a vehicle will require Exterior Protection

Though it can't be seen with the naked eye, paintwork on both new and used vehicles will have lots of imperfections. As a vehicle ages, these imperfections attract environmental elements such as iron, brake dust, tree sap, bird droppings, which cause oxidation and fading. Ultimatley ruining the paintwork permanently.

How can this be prevented?

The simple answer is, by using Vehicle Exterior Protection. The exterior protection will etch an invisible layer of powerful and durable layer into the  surface of the paintwork, filling in the imperfections and creating a  ultra-smooth, high-gloss, super-protective finish for years to come.

Watford Pro Valet Exterior Protection process

We will prepare your car by washing and drying the exterior to remove any dust and dirt that is visible on the paintwork.

We will then apply a 2 stage protective layer which will protect your vehicles paintwork from the many day to day elements and contaminents it will face. 

Stage 1 will fill in any imperfections in the paintwork and create a layer for stage 2 to bond to.

Stage 2 will create the procetive barrier that will protect the paintwork from contaminents.

What does it cost?

You will find that many main dealers and car traders will sell this service at an inflated price ranging from £400 anywhere up to £1,000.

Our price to prepare and apply vehicle exterior protection start from only £125.

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