Full valet service

Full Valet

All of our packages cover interior and exterior however, each package comes at a different level of attention which reange from bronze to platinum depending on the level of care required. Please review our packages on our home page to see what fits your needs. 

Exterior Valet

Our range of packages offers different levels of attention. Our bronze package will give the exterior of your vehicle a good wash and wax bringing it to a presentable condition.

Our higher end packages will give your car the ultimate protection including polishing to remove minor defect on the paint work and a paint sealant to protect the freshly polished surface.

Interior Valet

Ranging from a vacuum and wipe down to a full interior wash with professional shampoo treatment, which will remove most stains and odours from the interior of your car. For those with leather seats, cleaning and conditioning is offered to keep the leather in optimum condition.