Mobile Car Wash


Mobile car washing by Watford Pro Valet

Car washing is part of the packages we offer. However, when we wash you car, we only use the best equipment and supplies from some of the top brands in the car detailing world.

Quality matters

You could pay as little as £3 to have your car washed at a local drive - thru car wash or £10 at a hand wash centre. However, from experience, we have noticed that these washes are often like factories, in and out. At most, the wash will take no more than 20 minutes and you're done. No care and attention is given to the car. And after inspecting your car, you can probably still find dirt on the alloy wheels, interior, wheel arches, door shuts etc. Have a look around your car next time, you might be surprised. 

How we are different

We are not saying that we will get every little bit of dirt of your car. But what we are saying is, we will give you value for money. We will spend atleast an hour working on your car making sure your car gets the maximum attention possible.

Our Packages

Depending on your needs, we offer a range of level of services.

View our packages on our home page or for a tailored detailing quote, please contact us.